Shaman, Psychic, Inter-Faith Minister, Usui Reiki Master/Teacher, Animal Communicator, Public Speaker, Teacher 

& Radio Show Personality. 

20 years in the Healing & Metaphysical Arts. 

Iena has been practicing in the Healing & Metaphysical Arts for 20 years. She is a public figure, internationally known & a radio show personality. Below are a few samples of her appearances. (Details about her work & offerings can be found on the "Services" page.)

What's it like to live a Spiritual Life?

Is a life of "knowing" filled with walking on rose petals & farting rainbows? Click the picture on the right to view my experience on this subject :)

Coincidence vs Synchronicity

What is my coincidence? Is there really a deeper meaning? Click the picture on the right to find out more!

Psychic Partners Radio: 

Guest Speaker, Iena SpiritWalker

~Supressive Relationships~

(30 mins)

Iena speaks candidly about her personal experience with domestic violence. As a practitioner of the Healing & Metaphysical Arts, she has access to tools for overcoming trauma & will be sharing how you can use them too. "Your situation can be either concrete blocks around your ankles that you drag through life, or the springs beneath your feet that propel you forward in ways you never imagined. You have the power to transform your own pain into peace." 

Iena SpiritWalker on You Tube:

Some Words of Encouragement 

About Your Pain

(3 mins)

As Iena feels the waves of despair from the planet washing over her, she hears words of encouragement coming from your Spirit Guides. This 3 minute video will affirm your pain 

& encourage you to carry on. 

Voice of Spirit Radio with Iena SpiritWalker:

~Bear shares Medicine Wheel Magik~

(30 mins)

The Native American Medicine Wheel is a Sacred place. This is where the tribe (as well as individuals) goes to pray & Heal. Each of the 4 major directions (North, South, East & West) have specific seasons, animals, plants & more. In Winter, we are in the direction of the North, where snow blankets the Earth. Bear will guide us on this journey, & bring the messages & Healings needed for us at this time.

Empower Radio with Corbie Mitleid

interviews Iena SpiritWalker

~Shamanism for You~

(52 mins)

Shamans move between the worlds of this physical realm and the world of Spirit with the intention of healing others. The drum is a pivotal instrument and creator with shamans, as it unites us with Mother Earth and the world of Spirit, and its sound resonates deeply within our souls. Rev. Iena SpiritWalker shares how the practice of Shamanism can help us learn, journey, and get more in touch with the Us that never changes.