"A Spirit Walker is one who walks

 between the worlds. A translator, 

that brings the messages of Spirit

 to this physical plane. This is the 

name I was given.

 This is the mission of my Soul."‚Äč

~ Iena SpiritWalker


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Growing up in Pennsylvania, it was clear that I was unusual. I communicated with animals & preferred their company over humans. I spent hours in the woods, talking to the field mice, stray cats & many other creatures.

(To the left, you can see a picture of me with my butterfly friend on my shirt.)

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As time went on, like many, I began to suppress my Gifts. I never quite understood why, but, something always seemed to be missing. I had lots of friends, a good job & a full love life. I was longing for something that I could not identify.  

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In my 20's I got married & became a mother to 2 amazing little Beings. When my oldest was 2 years old, our lives were turned upside down. I heard footsteps in the carpet & no one was there. My son was waking from his sleep screaming, crying & pointing to something that I could not see. My daughter was an infant at the time. When I picked her up, her eyes would fixate on something invisible (to me). Our cat was dying, my health was evaporating & 

nothing seemed to make sense. 

Our house was haunted.

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 We did find someone who cleared our house. That event was the catalyst that brought me back to my connection to Spirit, to my Gifts & the amazing world of the Unseen. I read books on many subjects (meditation, chakras, connecting with your Angles, etc.). When the time was right, I found my teacher & my heart 

& Gifts burst wide open.

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My teacher is Internationally acclaimed Psychic & Medicine Woman, White Star (formerly known as Lino Alelyunes). Her Grandmother was full Cherokee. But, she lived in the time when the settlers came, took the babies & convinced them that their way was wrong. This shame prevented her Grandmother from sharing the native traditions with her lineage. However, it was in White Star's destiny to learn native traditions. She became a blood sister & lived with the Lakota Tribe for many years. This is why my Shamanic training is in Lakota traditions.

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I have been Blessed with many opportunities to teach psychic development & healing classes for adults & children. I am Guided to use my Healing & Psychic Gifts to help all living beings. I welcome more opportunities to reach more people & offer the Healings & messages that Spirit has to offer. (And YES, I now help people clear haunted houses!)

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The biggest lesson I've learned is that I am merely the conduit. The messages & Healings all come from the Divine Source. All that I can take credit for is holding the space & allowing Grace to flow through.